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303 Cafe - The Waffle Range

303 Cafe - The Waffle Range

Located in Pannipitya, 303 Cafe offers a wide range of flavourful dishes including but not limited to, waffles, submarines, and shawarmas. Additionally, they also offer fruit juices, smoothies and a variety of coffee types. They also do outdoor catering to birthday parties, office gatherings and the like. The cafe is open from 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. every day.

303 Cafe’s signature waffle range is a must try for any foodie.

The most popular dish of the savory range of waffles is the Waffle Sandwich, which includes a luscious chicken filling, cheese, vegetables, and a special sauce made in-house.

Waffle Sandwich

303 Cafe also offers a sweet range of waffles for the sweet-tooths out there. The most popular of them are the Waffle with Honey and the Waffle with Chocolate, which has a nice serving of chocolate sauce on top.

Waffle with Honey

Waffle with Chocolate

You can try these amazing dishes at 303 Cafe, No. 317, Highlevel Road, Kottawa, Pannipitiya or call them on 0117 076737 for more information or delivery (within a 5km radius).

June 24th, 2019 By DinersTalk Team

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