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Chicken Nai Miris Pizza | Arthur's Pizzeria

Chicken Nai Miris Pizza | Arthur's Pizzeria

The Chicken Nai Miris Pizza from Arthur’s Pizzeria is truly a delight. The spicy twist works well in favour of anyone who’s into spicy food and is looking for a spicier version than your normal pizza.

Made with a combination of Chicken, Onion, Curry leaves, Mozzarella and of course, Nai Miris, this pizza will fulfill your spicy Pizza neediness. Don’t forget to add some of Arthur’s Pizza’s own Nai Miris sauce if you’re craving extra spicy-ness.

We added Mushrooms and Bacon for extra yummies!

Visit Arthur’s Pizza at 220 Galle road and 185/7 Havelock road.

October 25th, 2019 By DinersTalk Team

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