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How Salerno's Pizza Increased its Revenue with a Unique Digital Plan

How Salerno's Pizza Increased its Revenue with a Unique Digital Plan

During 2016, Salerno’s Pizza decided to overcome several of their online and offline challenges by implementing an effective and innovative digital transformation with the goal of driving online sales and growth via digital engagement.

The implementation of a website and a mobile application allowed the restaurant for a 52-day marketing calendar where targeted campaigns were launched to effectively engage and capture their diners to the restaurant.

They also adapted to using a multi-channel approach using social media and email to further nurture diner leads and drive conversions. The implementation of online ordering was introduced with the primary intention of reducing the high commission rates but also to direct more engagement to the restaurant's website and mobile application.

This digital transformation has led to impeccable Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings for the restaurant as they have also managed to remove all 3rd party ordering links to prevent the loss of any inbound traffic and revenue.


The restaurant's multi-channel approach has led to significant growth for their in-house email lists (by up to 5 times in just 3 months) while also experiencing increased engagement via social media through proper optimization and branded advertising.

Salerno's restaurant is now well poised for future growth and continues to utilize a combination of smart digital tools and their newly acquired digital marketing knowledge to continue meeting their restaurant's online objectives whilst satisfying their digital savvy diners.

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(Image Source - Salerno's Pizza)

September 19th, 2019 By DinersTalk Team

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