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Flamingo House - Eclectic Post-Colonial Mayhem

Flamingo House - Eclectic Post-Colonial Mayhem

Situated in the heart of Colombo, Flamingo House is possibly one of the funkiest places around. The restaurant consists of three floors which accommodate the Flamingo House restaurant, The Love Bar and the exclusive lounge, the Attic. The restaurant features a vibrant atmosphere giving off a blissful feeling of escape from everyday monotony.

The vibrant and diverse menu of the restaurant includes a multitude of dishes and excellent cocktails that complement the flamboyant ambience very well. Here are some of the luscious dishes you can enjoy at the Flamingo House.

Duck Tortellini


Prawns with Squid Ink Rice


Seafood Rasam


Slow Roasted Pork


Poached Pear


Sticky Date Pudding


Strawberries and Cream


In addition to these mouth-watering dishes, The Love Bar features an amazing line of cocktails.

You can check them out here.


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