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One of the best tools to approach and attract customers is digital marketing and this is even supported by the statistics where 75% of the customers access restaurant information through their portable smart devices while 33% also look for online menus. But, at the same time, if restaurants wait too long, there’s a real risk of getting left behind by both the competition and customers. Just as it has changed every other aspect of modern living, technology is constantly—and drastically—reshaping the quick-service and fast-casual businesses

Getting onboard with Online Branding

Restaurants must develop their online brand identity to give potential customers an idea about the quality and type of food being served.  Digital technologies and online channels, such as websites and social media pages allow restaurants to effectively maintain their identity and credibility of their brand which will definitely attract modern day customers.

Customers Online Feedback is Pivotal 

Digital word of mouth is growing. The feedback guests provide on comment cards are not visible to anyone, however online reviews via social media can affect the business a great deal. They have a deep impact on potential customers who search online for reviews related to your business. It can prove to be challenging for restaurants to manage these reviews. Investing into an online feedback and review system through IPad’s or by having scannable QR codes printed onto menus or tabletops can allow restaurants to obtain a database of customer feedback which can be only viewed by the restaurant. These reviews can then be filtered ad uploaded onto travel related websites who will look in the restaurants favor to help earn a good repute.

Establishing Brand Loyalty

Access to online channels means customers have the liberty to contact you and comment on your promotions and new entries. This allows restaurants to engage with their customers on a personal level allowing them to contact each and every customer to deliver a unique experience which helps increase brand recognition and encourage brand loyalty. This way the customers feel affiliated with the restaurants brand and helps develop an online personality for the restaurant.

Here are a few examples of some popular restaurant brands utilizing digital technologies and channels to engage with its customers

  • Starbucks is a leader in digital transformation. Using more than 50mm Facebook fans & over 15mm Instagram followers at their disposal they mastered the social media engagement. First, they created an app to pay for coffee and food in their restaurants. Then they added the loyalty program, starting to craft hyper-personalized offers and experiences for their 24-hour connected customers. The company also developed new digital services to be enjoyed in their physical stores, achieving a highly praised omnichannel approach.
  •  Pizza Hut has started an order and payment-enabled pepper robot. Customers can now have a personalized ordering, reduce wait time for carryout, and have a fun with the frictionless user experience.
  • OpenTable, GrubHub, and Zomato are some of the latest apps showcasing nearby restaurants with high-quality pics, presenting a menu with exotic pictures, price, ratings etc. you can also get offers, deals instantly.

Many restaurants today are increasingly focusing on the opportunities presented by digital transformation. Many are embracing technologies that enhance the quality of the customer dining experience, delivering more of what consumers are clamoring for. Digital is no longer a purview of only Banking, Insurance, Healthcare or Retail. Digital disruption is omnipresent, its time for restaurants to get on board or get thrown off the track.

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