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9 famous Japanese food you should try

The RWC 2019 Special

9 famous Japanese food you should try

With the Rugby World Cup taking place in Japan this year, thousands of international rugby fans are flocking to Japan to take part in it. In fact, RWC 2019 is set to attract the largest number of foreign fans in the tournament’s history with more than 600,000 of the 1.8 million available tickets expected to be held by international fans.

So, if you’re one of the eager Rugby fans in Japan or even a tourist, here are some of the most popular food in Japan that you absolutely MUST try.



Probably the most famous and widely eaten dish in the country, Ramen can be found almost anywhere in Japan. The wide selection of types will give you a new experience every time!



How can we forget Sushi when we talk about Japanese food? This popular dish is cheap, healthy, and (much like Ramen), there’s a wide variety to choose from. Be adventurous!



More commonly known as ‘dumplings’, are steamed and pan-seared and filled with meat or vegetables. A must try.


Melons and melon flavored food are also very popular in Japan. Most notable are, melon ice cream, melon bread, and melon candy.


Tempura is a light batter smothering meats, seafood, or vegetables. There is a wide variety to choose from so try out whichever is best to you.

Kobe Beef


Available in Kobe and Kyoto, Kobe Beef is one of the most popular and expensive steak dishes in the world. If your wallet can handle it, be sure to try out this 0 steak.

Nikumaki Onagiri

This is basically a big rice ball wrapped in bacon. It is then grilled and topped with sauces and sesame seeds. Sounds amazing. Tastes amazing.


This is made with frozen fruits shaved in a shave ice machine and then topped with sweetened condensed milk. A sweet treat for the sweet-tooths.


Also referred to as a “Japanese Comfort Food”. It’s crepe-like pancake topped with noodles, eggs, and toppings like Mayo.

September 27th, 2019 By DinersTalk Team

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