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How to reduce labour costs of your restaurants

How to reduce labour costs of your restaurants

For a restaurant, employee labour costs are one of the biggest expenses. Here are some ways to reduce the labour costs of your restaurant which will boost profits while also keeping your employees happy.

Fully utilizing your staff

Create an employee handbook for better orientation of new employees
Train your staff well
Cross-train your employees for multiple positions if possible
Keep training up-to-date and schedule regular training sessions
Instruct veterans to mentor and teach the rookies
Create a proper employee schedule to prevent over/ understaffing

Use technology in your restaurant

Consider using an online ordering system
Install kiosks at your front door, cashier, or tables for easier order taking
Have online payment services available
Replace out-of-date equipment with new, high tech equipment like automated food mixers, accelerated cooking countertop ovens, and programmable fryers

By streamlining the employment procedures and implementing new technology, you can drastically reduce the labour costs of your restaurants. This will boost your revenue and profit too.

January 31st, 2020 By DinersTalk Team

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