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Catch up with the latest Restaurant Equipment Trends

Catch up with the latest Restaurant Equipment Trends

When it comes to restaurant industry trends, food is not the only thing that evolves or changes. One of the most integral parts of a restaurant is the equipment. Whether inside or outside the kitchen, equipment plays a major role in easing and streamlining various activities within the restaurant.

Here are some new trends that you can adopt to keep your restaurant up-to-date with the latest industry standards.

Saving Space


Every restaurateur knows the stress of rents. Saving and utilizing the space you have right now is a very important factor in the sustainability of the restaurant as rent prices continue to rise. Having equipment that doesn’t take as much space and have multiple functions will help immensely in this regard.

Lightweight Transport

This is especially useful for catering service providers. Several vendors now use lightweight transport equipment that feature polypropylene frames which makes them very light yet durable. Using these types of equipment will cause less stress on your employees while also providing ample protection for your equipment.

Programmable Settings


Many equipment now feature programmable settings which you can use to customize processes and outcomes. For example, ovens now have features where you can specify cook times, temperatures according to what you need to be cooked. This minimizes user errors and makes the restaurant’s processes more streamlined overall.

Bluetooth - Enabled

Many equipment suppliers have been focusing on manufacturing ‘smart’ devices that a person can operate via Bluetooth. Since this allows you to control your equipment through your phone from a distance, this will be a valuable addition to your restaurant.

Using Nitrogen


Although nitrogen gas has been used for a long time in the bar industry, it hasn’t been introduced to the restaurant industry yet, until now. It is now being used in cafes and such to give drinks a smooth and creamy texture. While nitro coffee is the most popular drink made using this method, it can be used for tea and even kombucha.

Rich Tones

As opposed to the preferred aesthetic of a rustic decor during the previous years, the trend seems to be changing in favour of a more boho-inspired design. Combining bright colors with striking patterns, these rich tones create a warm and inviting look for restaurants. It also matches perfectly with the aromatic and spice-filled dishes that are also trendy this year.

August 2nd, 2019 By DinersTalk Team

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