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Social Media for Restaurants #1

Restaurant Social Media Strategy

Social Media for Restaurants #1

We're changing the structure a bit! Social Media is a big topic, and when it comes to restaurants, social media can be utilized in a variety of ways. Therefore, instead of explaining everything with one article, we're going to do a series. Throughout these series of posts, we will teach what you need to consider when creating a social media strategy, give you some ideas as to how you could do this, and the best practices you should follow when engaging your audience, etc.

Restaurant social media strategy

As a restaurant, having a social media strategy is very important if you’re choosing to engage with customers online. A solid social media strategy will be of huge help when you’re trying to get more followers or trying to convert these followers to loyal customers.

Core considerations when making one


Your brand gives your restaurant its personality. This includes your restaurant’s identity, personality, and mission. Your presence on social media should reflect these values.


What you post on your page matters as much as how you post it. Always make sure to avoid posting spammy content that might turn off your followers. Share interesting and valuable posts that will interest your followers. Don’t just promote, provide value.

Be Responsive

Responding to the people that comment and share your posts or message you are also very important. Generally, it’s a good idea to try to respond to these at least within one day but if you can manage, strive to respond within an hour.


Consistently engaging your followers will result in loyal customers and it can even bring in new ones. Special discounts, offers, and promotions will help immensely in this regard.

Add Value

As stated before, people won’t follow your social media if it doesn’t add any value to them. Think like your customers and realize what they would appreciate. This will boost your success in social media considerably. But, this is not an overnight process, it will take some trial and error and as your audience changes and grows, so will their interests. Always be on top of it and you will see success.

Part 2 is live! Learn how to use social media to attract new people and keep them coming back for more.

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