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5 Energy Conservation Tips for your Restaurant

5 Energy Conservation Tips for your Restaurant

Being environmentally friendly has been a hot topic for quite a while now. As a restaurant, one of the best ways of being environmentally friendly while reducing your costs is focusing on conserving energy.

Here are some steps you can take today to conserve more energy in your restaurant.

Energy Efficient Equipment
While restaurant equipment does contribute a great deal to energy consumption, you can reduce this huge consumption in various ways. There are many manufacturers that offer equipment that is very energy efficient and switching to these products will significantly lower your costs. Additionally, you might also get rebates if you use Energy Star certified equipment.

Equipment Maintenance
Regular maintenance of your kitchen equipment will contribute exponentially to reducing energy consumption. There are simple preventive tasks that you can do to increase your energy savings and extend the life of your equipment.

Water Consumption
Restaurants require large amounts of water for day-to-day operations. Reducing water consumption as much as you can help immensely in cutting costs further. Using low-flow spray valves, installing low-flow aerators and repairing leaky faucets will all contribute to this.

Energy-Efficient Lighting
Lighting is another aspect where you can significantly cut costs. Using energy-efficient lighting instead of the usual incandescent light bulbs will drastically lower your lighting electricity costs. You can use LED or CFL bulbs to achieve this.

Heat Usage
Look for ways to decrease the heat usage in your restaurant like using less hot water having consistent temperature on the thermostat. Investing in smart thermostats, lowering the water temperature of your dish machine, and using unheated hand dryers will contribute to this effort.

Utilizing these methods will contribute to cutting some of your utility costs, and it will drive more people who are environmentally conscious of your restaurant. Try these methods out and you will start seeing the results.

January 3rd, 2020 By DinersTalk Team

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